Sunday, May 8, 2011

How the years slip by - I'm back

Yes, I know abandoned you and the kids, left you to recreate useful items from old items all by yourself.  I got in Country Living and got a big head.  Then it all came crashing down.  The late night craft parties, the addiction to wood glue huffing, the prolonged lapse of creative inspiration, gone, all gone.

I feel much better now.  And I am back to creating,  a little paper, some wood, even a little metal.

My current kick is printing old vintage illustrations on pages from a general store ledger, they look like this:

And they are available in my new etsy shop CHRISTOPHER'S RARE PAPER

I also recently created a cafe sidewalk sign out of a broken, folding wooden chair, I will post a picture of that soon.  I've been painting vintage looking signs on old found boards, Vintage Junky is selling them locally in her antique store booths.  I've got a lot more in the works, but I've also started a backyard garden with tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans and lots of herbs, so we will just have to see which one takes up my free time.

More soon!

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