Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Halloween - In chalk - check out

Hi all, yes I am still upcycling, mostly for my wife over at Vintage Junky.  What I am up to right now however is this:

You can see more of my custom chalkboard artwork here:
Contact me at cj @ for a custom quote on your project.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Well look what the cat dragged in. - Headed to Bella Rustica Barn Show

Yes, I know.  I've neglected.  You probably think I gave up junking and making new stuff from old stuff.  Nope, but I did merge.  My wife's business, Vintage Junky, has gotten big enough that I now do all of my upcycling under the Vintage Junky mantra.  I come up with ideas and if she likes them I elaborate, hammer, nail, wire, etc... until we have a new product for her booths or a show.  Speaking of shows we will be at the Bella Rustica Barn Show and Sale this Friday and Saturday, September 16th and 17th.  It's an awesome juried event featuring antiques, vintage finds, chippy, rusty, art, clothing, food, fun, horses and more.  It will be at Tap Root Farm in Franklin, Tennessee.

Check out the blog for full details, directions and ticket info:

We will be bringing a large assortment of goodies including several pieces of furniture a buffet, two farm tables, chairs, several small tables, benches, lamps, signs, barn doors, vintage photos, burlap lamp shades and so much more I can't remember it all.  AND, we will be bringing our vintage camper Hazel to sell posters from.

Check out the Vintage Junky Blog on Thursday night for a photo sneak peak of our booth.  Hope to see you at Bella Rustica!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

How the years slip by - I'm back

Yes, I know abandoned you and the kids, left you to recreate useful items from old items all by yourself.  I got in Country Living and got a big head.  Then it all came crashing down.  The late night craft parties, the addiction to wood glue huffing, the prolonged lapse of creative inspiration, gone, all gone.

I feel much better now.  And I am back to creating,  a little paper, some wood, even a little metal.

My current kick is printing old vintage illustrations on pages from a general store ledger, they look like this:

And they are available in my new etsy shop CHRISTOPHER'S RARE PAPER

I also recently created a cafe sidewalk sign out of a broken, folding wooden chair, I will post a picture of that soon.  I've been painting vintage looking signs on old found boards, Vintage Junky is selling them locally in her antique store booths.  I've got a lot more in the works, but I've also started a backyard garden with tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans and lots of herbs, so we will just have to see which one takes up my free time.

More soon!