Monday, August 3, 2009

The Upcycler At Scarlett Scales in Franklin, TN

I stopped by Scarlett's unannounced with a beat up suitcase full of upcycled stuff on Friday. We had been talking about her carrying some of my stuff for months and I had to stop by to pick up a bed frame we bought there last week. She was very excited to see the items and picked out several to try in the shop including this paper flower brooch, several handmade books, and a few other items. The brooch is made out of vintage paper and is what I call a "fairweather flower" as I don't like spray sealing them, so they don't do well in the rain. The brooch pin back is held on with with a piece of vintage book leather.

I packaged it up as pretty as I was able in an old freezer tin, some twine, a page from a french catalog as tissue, and included a handmade gift tag. There was a lady in the store when I was showing my wares that just had a fit over it, so hopefully it will sell and I will be able to keep some items available at Scarletts, its an honor to have my stuff in there, she runs an awesome shop.

More soon,
The Upcycler