Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Where has the Upcycler been?

The answer is simple: Out in the backyard.
Mrs. Hughes and I have been working, working, working out in the backyard for several months now. We have had a deck built, a pergola, a fence, we've planted 11 good sized trees, dug huge flower beds and just had ourselves a good time. I also moved 7 cubic yards, a very big pile, of dirt from the front your to the backyard to fill the beds and to build boy a small raised garden. We planted pumpkins for fall last week and they are already coming up.

While the backyard isn't exactly an upcycling project, I have had some time to work on that as well. I opened an etsy.com shop and have begun selling digital downloads of pages I've scanned and cleaned up from old catalogs, notebooks, etc... I will be adding much more in the future, but for now there are several pages from a French homewares catalog from the 1920s. These are great for scrapbooking or creating personalized crafts. Here is the link to my etsy.com shop:


I plan on adding some vintage items to the shop as well, but that probably won't happen until after our CRAFT ROOM project, which Mrs. Hughes will BLOG ABOUT I am sure.

Next blog I will be sure and take pictures of the old pieces we've placed in the backyard. Last week we found an awesome iron headboard from Scarlett Scales Antiques in Franklin, TN. As soon as I figure out how to get it home it's going in the raised garden box.

More soon!
The Upcycler

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