Friday, May 29, 2009

Custom Upcycling - Appointment Notebook

Paper is one of my vises. I have boxes and boxes of old books, yearbooks, catalogs, encyclopedia pages, journals, handwritten letters, ledgers, etc... there are just so many things you can do with it.

When I was working on a client's site a few months ago I happened to show her an image of some upcycled notebook journals I had made using old book covers and the blank sides of encyclopedia pages. She liked them so much she asked me if I could create an appointment notebook for her from a vintage ledger cover she had. She needed something that she could add paper to to keep up with her custom jewelry inventory.

I used a fabric scrap for the binder. The corners are covered in old book leather and the clasp is made from the ends of two old pieces of silverware that I bent into U shapes. The book is held closed with a bobby pin. The barrel screws make it easier for her to take the back off of the book and add pages to it as needed and I also included a vintage paper pad for jotting down notes.
She liked this one so much that she asked me to make several journals to give out as Christmas presents.

I enjoy doing custom work with materials provided by customers. If you have old book covers, journals, or any kind of old paper lying around that you would like turned into something unique feel free to email me at: to discuss your project.

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